A successful Archive for Change Launch!

Posted July 6th, 2011

We’d like to thank all those who attended the Archive for Change Launch events in the West End over the four days in May.

We were overwhelmed by the huge response and positive feedback we received from visitors and participants. Over 500 people attended the three exhibitions that took place at St. Jame’s Church, A Touch of Class furniture shop and Scotswood Diner. Visitors came from a number of different areas, backgrounds and ages, including current and ex-residents, youth and community groups from the area, people from the city’s arts, film and heritage networks, representatives of local authorities, as well people from other communities and the wider region who heard about the shows through the extensive coverage of the project in the local media.

We are extremely grateful for all the positive comments we received during the events and are looking forward to developing the project in a way that continues to be rooted in the local community whilst furthering the reach of the collections stories.


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