Archive for Change launch & website!

Posted March 30th, 2011

After almost a year of collecting stories of life and change in the West End of Newcastle, Archive for Change is launching an exhibition at the beginning of May, alongside an interactive website where you can view all the film collected & made over the course of the project.

So far the project has had the priviledge of meeting and working with some fantastic people including life-long residents, local campaigners and activists, workers who have built things up and knocked things down, historians & archivists, photographers, filmmakers, older people and youth groups. This has resulted in a mosaic of short films that tells the story of change in the area through their eyes.

Of course this story is not complete- it’s a snapshot of a larger, ongoing story that will continue to evolve and change in years to come, particularly when redevelopment work begins in Scotswood and Benwell.

For this reason, Archive for Change is launching both a physical and online visual archive of stories of change in the West End, with the old and new stories that we have collected and made over the past year as the starting point.

Both the physical and online Archive are designed so that people can add to them in the future and therefore shape this ongoing story. A new interactive website is curently being developed to house the whole collection and allow visitors to view and explore all the stories collected so far.

We will also be celebrating the launch of the Archive with a series of exciting exhibitions and installations in Benwell and Scotswood at the beginning of May- watch this space for more announcements soon!

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