Physical home at the West End Library, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Posted October 17th, 2013

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The collection now has a physical home at the West End Library, Benwell, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Here you can search through all the titles using the paper catalogue, and watch the films on DVD on the Archive for Change monitor.

The collection is accessible Mondays 9am-4pm and Thursday 2-4pm, in the same corner as the West Newcastle Picture History Collection. Please ask the volunteers for assistance. Access & viewing is free.

Please note the DVD’s are not available to hire or purchase, if you have any enquiries please get in touch

Library address:

Condercum Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
Phone: 0191 277 4100

Further info about library

Location map

Archive for Change is a unique film collection that brings together archive film material alongside recent footage and personal stories of home, place and change from Benwell, Scotswood and Elswick in Newcastle’s West End.

The collection includes approximately 50 short films, newsreels, archive clips and interviews with residents dating from 1905 to present day. Documenting some of the key moments in the West End over the last century, the films highlight the voices of those who have lived through these many changes, including industrial history, housing & regeneration, employment and community action.

Working with the collection

The collection is free to access and welcomes interest from individuals, community groups, schools and universities for a variety of uses, including local research or history, educational work and creative projects.

The project aims to enable residents and groups within the West End to continue making films about the area. If you are thinking of making a film and need to access training or equipment, get in touch to find out what we can offer.

Adding to the collection 

If you have a film about the West End that you would like us to copy and add to the collection, please contact us.

Archive for Change @ This Is Not A Gateway, London 26 & 27 January 2013

Posted January 14th, 2013

EXHIBITION:   26 & 27 Jan 2013, 10am – 8pm

TALK:   Saturday 26th January 2013, 3.30 – 4.40pm

“Recording community history, strengthening collective memory. The artist as archivist of grassroots struggles in the post-industrial city”

Presentation & informal discussion


Bishopsgate Institute, 230 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4QH


Archive for Change is a critical film collection that explores the social and built landscape of Newcastle’s West End, site of one of the largest regeneration programmes in the UK.

‘Regeneration’ has become a familiar concept in cities across the UK over the last few decades. Newcastle upon Tyne, like so many other post-industrial cities, has resorted to urban restructuring as a way of marking the economic shift following the decline of traditional industry. While the city has been redesigned by architects, planners and government schemes to fulfil policy-driven ideas of urban ‘renaissance’, what impact has this has this had on the complex communities that inhabit these environments?

From the post-war decline of traditional heavy industries, to privatisation and unemployment during the Thatcher years, to questions around the re-appropriation of community action under the rhetoric of the ‘Big Society’, the project considers local experience as a means to highlight issues that affect wider society, the role of authorities in addressing these issues through policy, and how this is experienced on the ground.

Critical, Rigorous, Independent, Productive … This Is Not A Gateway creates platforms for critical projects and ideas related to cities. This years festival will bring together over 60 events and 160+ contributors to consider the theme of The Urban Industry and its Post Critical Condition through a number of critical strands.

Exhibition – NewBridge Space 12-23rd November 2012

Posted November 18th, 2012

Monday – Friday 12 – 6pm, NewBridge Space
18 New Bridge Street West, Newcastle, NE1 8AW

The new Jerusalem. Brazillia. An island of advanced development in an old country. As famous as Rome or Paris. The Venice of the North…These are the words of the politicians, and they’ve all been applied in recent years to the City of Newcastle. A city that has been redesigned to the sound of drums and trumpets.
‘Road to Blaydon’, Tyne Tees Television,1968

Archive for Change is a film collection that explores the social and built landscape of Newcastle’s inner West End, charting the stories and experiences behind the many waves of ‘regeneration‘ that have come to characterise this area.

From the post-war decline of traditional heavy industries, to privatisation and unemployment during the Thatcher years, to questions around the re-appropriation of community action under the rhetoric of the ‘Big Society’, the project considers local experience as a means to highlight issues that affect wider society, the role of authorities in addressing these issues through policy, and how this is experienced on the ground.

‘Regeneration’ has become a familiar concept in cities across the UK over the last few decades.  Newcastle upon Tyne, like so many other post-industrial cities, has resorted to urban restructuring as a way of marking the economic shift following the decline of traditional industry. While the city has been redesigned by architects, planners and government schemes to fulfil policy-driven ideas of urban ‘renaissance’, what impact has this has this had on the complex communities that inhabit these environments?

Archive for Change is a project initiated and developed by Laura Maragoudaki, Taryn Edmonds and Julie Ballands, artists and filmmakers whose work is rooted in an appreciation of the local as an arena of universal themes and stories.

The films are preserved and exhibited as individual shorts, reflecting the many voices and perspectives that underlie this complex subject matter. Inhabiting the space between art installation, documentary film and traditional archive, the project aims to create a non-linear space whereby visitors can navigate and reflect on the material in their own time and create their own narrative of home, place and change.

Archive for Change – back in the West End

Posted June 13th, 2012

After a very successful first phase of the project, Archive for Change is back in the West End and will be running a whole new programme of projects and events over the course of the next year.

Join us at our first event:

Archive for Change Launch 2012
Monday 18th June 10-12.30pm
Tuesday 19th June 12-4pm

The Launch events will feature an exhibition with some of the films in the Archive, an introduction to the project’s website and the opportunity to speak to the organisers about the future activities of the project, and  how to get involved.

These include:
-Hosting or attending a pop-up event which introduces the project and showcases the collection
-Taking part in training workshops in documentary filmmaking
-Adding a copy of your own film to the collection
-Getting involved in the future of Archive for Change

Since 2009, the project has gathered some fascinating short films, archive footage and interviews with critical viewpoints about the effects of regeneration in the West End of Newcastle. Archive for Change believes these stories are important to document and safeguard for the future.

In this stage of the project we are aiming to present and promote the Archive as much as possible, develop new uses for the collection, and work towards making it a locally-rooted, accessible resource for all in the West End and beyond.

To find out more email:

Funded by Make Your Mark

Lunchbites @ CultureLab

Posted May 28th, 2012


Photograph by Zoe Korda

“The use of film in exploring experiences of urban regeneration within and beyond the locale”

Location: Space 7, Culture Lab, Grand Assembly Rooms, King’s Walk, Newcastle University, NE1 7RU
Starts: Friday, 1st June 2012 at 12:00
Finishes: Friday, 1st June 2012 at 13:00

On 1st June 2012,  Archive for Change will be doing a talk at Culture Lab, Newcastle University, as part of the LUNCH BITES series. An introduction to Archive for Change, its main aims and principles, and the ways in which it tries to exhibit, connect, and relate local stories and perspectives to a wider discussion and debate around community identity, urban regeneration and non-linear storytelling.
More info here. Open to all.

Archive films screening at NEOutopia event, London

Posted November 27th, 2011

We’re excited to present two of the films from the Archive for Change collection at NEOutopia, at the Centre for Creative Collaboration, London 26th-27th Nov 2011. The films will be shown on Sunday as part of the film programme, 3-6pm.

Organised by City-bound Collective, the weekend will involve an exhibition of the NEOutopia project, talks from writers, artists, academics & architects who will “consider the problems and possibilities of cities in today’s neoliberal societies.”

We’re pleased that our film ‘Demolition & Demonstration’ and the archive film ‘Road to Blaydon’ will be screened alongside some other fascinating films. Hope you can make it!

“Inspired by Lefebvre’s proposition, or ‘call’ for a project which refuses to subscribe to ‘representations of space as generally conceived’, NEOutopia is a disjointed, yet strangely compelling ‘mapping’ of the problems of urban regeneration and the production of space.  Rather than trace the empirical problems of space, it aims to expose the limits of utopian, architectural remedies and the ‘proposed solutions of planners’ who, as Lefebvre suggests, fail to master the complex contortions and paradoxical properties of (social) space.”


Archive for Change at Star & Shadow Cinema

Posted November 24th, 2011

Archive for Change was exhibited as part of ‘Wor Story Film Festival’, Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle, 29th & 30th Oct 2011.

The event was really inspiring with talks and films that documented a snapshot of Newcastle’s radical history. We created a new installation to showcase a selection of the Archive for Change films. We had a great weekend and some brilliant feedback from people who weren’t so familiar with the issues raised in the films.

A successful Archive for Change Launch!

Posted July 6th, 2011

We’d like to thank all those who attended the Archive for Change Launch events in the West End over the four days in May.

We were overwhelmed by the huge response and positive feedback we received from visitors and participants. Over 500 people attended the three exhibitions that took place at St. Jame’s Church, A Touch of Class furniture shop and Scotswood Diner. Visitors came from a number of different areas, backgrounds and ages, including current and ex-residents, youth and community groups from the area, people from the city’s arts, film and heritage networks, representatives of local authorities, as well people from other communities and the wider region who heard about the shows through the extensive coverage of the project in the local media.

We are extremely grateful for all the positive comments we received during the events and are looking forward to developing the project in a way that continues to be rooted in the local community whilst furthering the reach of the collections stories.


Exhibition 6-10th May 2011

Posted April 12th, 2011

An exhibition of films documenting the changing landscape of Newcastle’s West End over the last century
The Archive for Change exhibition will take place across three different venues around Benwell and Scotswood.
Each venue will present work on a particular theme and in unique way, representing the stories and people who have been involved.

Venues & Opening Times

Touch of Class Furniture Shop 10-6pm, 389 Elswick Road, NE4 8DY
Embedded amongst the furniture, explore the stories and personal experiences of change from those who lived and documented the houses and communities that once stood in the area. The changing face of the high street, local peoples’ community initiatives, current residents who are documenting local demolition, passionate voices & childhood memories.

St James Church     10-6pm Corner of Benwell Lane & Condercum Road
Large scale projections take over this beautiful historic 19th Century church to tell the story of the area’s industrial heritage through the eyes of those who lived through it; the boom times and eventual decline that paved the way for so many changes in the social and built environment of the West End.
Archive corner: For the duration of the exhibition, a copy of all the films collected and made as part of Archive For Change will be available to watch here.

Scotswood Diner     9-3pm Fri, Mon, Tues  10-6pm Sat 472 Armstrong Road, NE15 6BY
Have a cup of tea in the lovely surroundings of the community-built and run Scotswood Diner and witness stories of  community action past and present. Hear resident’s stories and efforts to organise and take control of their ever-changing landscape and their feelings about the future.

Click here for a map of venue locations

Programme 6-10th May

Friday All venues open to public + minibus tours
Saturday All venues open to public 10am – 6pm + minibus tours
Sunday All venues closed
Monday All venues open to public + the West Newcastle Picture History Collection at West End Library will be open between 9-4pm. Drop in and explore this fascinating volunteer-run photographic archive.
Tuesday All venues open to public. St James: free refreshments available 12-2pm & a screening of a film made with Pendower Good Neighbour Project at 5pm.

Minibus tours:

Free minibus tours will be running between the venues on Friday & Saturday.
Friday: Buses will depart from Scotswood & Benwell locations in the morning & afternoon.
Saturday: Buses will leave at 10.30am & 2.30pm from outside Newcastle Central Station.

Places are free but limited. Please call 077 25 22 33 53 for more details & to book a place. Tours last approx 3hrs.

Archive for Change launch & website!

Posted March 30th, 2011

After almost a year of collecting stories of life and change in the West End of Newcastle, Archive for Change is launching an exhibition at the beginning of May, alongside an interactive website where you can view all the film collected & made over the course of the project.

So far the project has had the priviledge of meeting and working with some fantastic people including life-long residents, local campaigners and activists, workers who have built things up and knocked things down, historians & archivists, photographers, filmmakers, older people and youth groups. This has resulted in a mosaic of short films that tells the story of change in the area through their eyes.

Of course this story is not complete- it’s a snapshot of a larger, ongoing story that will continue to evolve and change in years to come, particularly when redevelopment work begins in Scotswood and Benwell.

For this reason, Archive for Change is launching both a physical and online visual archive of stories of change in the West End, with the old and new stories that we have collected and made over the past year as the starting point.

Both the physical and online Archive are designed so that people can add to them in the future and therefore shape this ongoing story. A new interactive website is curently being developed to house the whole collection and allow visitors to view and explore all the stories collected so far.

We will also be celebrating the launch of the Archive with a series of exciting exhibitions and installations in Benwell and Scotswood at the beginning of May- watch this space for more announcements soon!

Series of Interviews with Residents Completed

Posted March 30th, 2011

Archive for Change has completed a cycle of interviews with residents and ex-residents of some of  Benwell and Scotswood’s key estates, including ones that are no longer there. We met some amazing people who have shared their stories of life and change in places such as South Benwell, West Benwell Terraces, High Cross and Low Delaval. Facilitated by Judith Green, these interviews will form an invaluable part of the Archive for Change.

Film about Northbourne street

Posted March 22nd, 2011

Archive for Change recently worked with Elswick resident and keen local archivist, Billy Richardson, to make a film about his memories of Northbourne street- the street he grew up on and was demolished over 7 years ago. The film also traces his work and commitment of documenting the whole demolition process of the street, which he recorded over a 2 year period. Billy is organising an event on the 25th March at Centenary Court (top of West View), from 11am to 3pm that invites people to share Stories of Northbourne Street.

The film will be previewed at this event, as well as at the Archive for Change Launch in May.

Exploring Scotswood

Posted March 9th, 2011

The Pink Ladies, a group of young girls from Scotswood, have been taking part in a series of creative filmmaking workshops all through February, collecting stories about life in Scotswood, making experimental videos and learning to creatively VJ with sound and image. The result is a series of beautiful, poetic films  put together by the girls, showing images of the area through different times and presenting voices of people from different generations who live in Scotswood.

Stories from Pendower

Posted March 9th, 2011

Archive for Change has completed  a series of inter-generational workshops with young people at Pendower, charting the estate’s history on film! Led by a group of young girls, the film traces memories of life on the estate across a number of generations and will be a brilliant addition to the Archive of stories from the West End!

Open Workshops at West End Library

Posted October 7th, 2010

We have now confirmed 2 open workshops for anyone who is interested in recording their stories of change relating to the area. Please come to West End Library (Benwell), Friday 15th or Saturday 23rd Oct (or both!) between 10am – 4pm

The workshops will be very informal and are a chance for people to tell their stories and memories of change in the Scotswood and Benwell areas. If you have a story you’d like to tell, please come along, it is totally free & open to anyone. The sessions will be run by Taryn, Julie & Laura, local filmmakers and artists, who can help record your stories or teach you to create your own if interested. Archive film footage from our collection and photographs from the West End Picture Archive will be available for you to illustrate your story if you wish.

Any queries please get in contact (see contact page)

More info on West End Library can be found here

Hope to see you there!

Screening at St James Church for Heritage Open Day

Posted September 10th, 2010

A brilliant turn out at the Archive for Change Screening in St Jame’s Church, Benwell! The location was perfect to showcase the brilliant films pulled out of the Archives and people stayed around afterwards for tea and informal discussion about the films.

Thank you to Judith Green for inviting us along!

Archive for Change at Hodgkin Park!

Posted August 18th, 2010

This Sunday 22nd August, we will be holding a stall at the Make Your Mark Event in Hodgkin Park from 11am until 1pm.

Please come along and find out more about the project, help us map the changes in the recent history of the West End and also contribute your own own memories and experiences in witting or on film!

We will also be showing a selection of archive films about the West End at the event, so if you missed the recent Archive for Change screenings, this is a good opportunity to watch the weird and wonderful selection of films dating from the late 19th C to today!

More screenings in Benwell and Pendower!

Posted August 16th, 2010

Archive for Change is continuing to tour a selection of interesting archive films about the West End to groups and community centres in the area.

On Friday 13th August we held a screening at Pendower Good Neighbour project which despite heavy rain had an excellent turn out from local residents and volunteers from the centre. With the help of a brilliant selection of tea and scones we followed the screening with a very interesting conversation about how Pendower has changed and what personal experiences people had of the changes in housing, work and family life.

On Monday the 16th August, Archive for Change was invited to screen the same programme of films at a local history event facilitated by Judith Green in Benwell Library. The films triggered many interesting conversations with members of the group who have extensive knowledge of local history but also shared very interesting memories and stories about the changing face of places like Scotswood Road, the Westgate area and the old cinema and theatres that used to exist in Benwell.

We look forward to working further with these groups and getting their contributions to the Archive!

West End Premier Thurs 7th July 7pm

Posted July 1st, 2010

Scotswood Diner, Armstrong Rd (opposite Pink Palace)

Screening of film footage from regional & local archives, including: picnics at the turn of the century, footage from Armstrong-Vickers Factory, Scotswood young people talking about unemployment in the 80′s, and knitted houses. Come along and spot some familiar faces! Free!